Sometimes we even get to attend the events we help plan! Ash is on the left, Jacq on the right.

Jacq & Ash was started by two friends who love to create and decorate! Our mission is to make each celebration unique and memorable. With our customize-able signage, drink ware, cake toppers, shirts, bags and more, you can have top notch decor and accessories in your favorite colors! No matter how big or small our role is in your event we promise to do everything we can to make sure it is amazing.

About Jacq
Spreadsheet master, calendar organizer, keeper of a chic style & the clipboards.

A Special Education Teacher currently pursuing her Masters Degree, Jacq brings all of her awesome teacher skills into the business. Her attention to detail beautifully transfers into her delicate crystal work, clean layouts and color choices. Her inspiration comes from high fashion and a love all all things that sparkle. 

About Ash
Glue gun slinger, day dreamer, & coffee guardian

A stay at home mom to one little man, Ash brings her multi-tasking, mayhem-handling abilities to the table. She enjoys gluing Swarovski to anything not nailed down, and finding new ways to make Jacq roll her eyes. Her inspiration comes from her love of the backwoods and throwing parties for any reason.